Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gen. Clark: It's not WWIII, unless we make it that way.

It's all good stuff, but skip ahead to 20:50 to get to the REALLY juicy stuff. Stuff about Wolfowitz, the five year plan to overthrow seven governments, and the "clash of civilizations" between the U.S. and the one billion Muslims in the world.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Message received.

From MadSatyrist:

I have concluded that Republicans were correct about one thing in the attempts to impeach Bill Clinton for having a consenual affair while President. The President and the majority party do set the moral tone of the nation.

The recent upswing of perverse sexual attacks culminating in the attack on the Amish school in Pennsylvania, are not by chance. It cannot be chance for this upswing to occur during a national discussion of torture which ended with the passage by Congress of a bill designed to make torture legal under some circumstances, and place the President under immunity from prosecution for ordering such. Sadistic predators are obsessed with such discussion, they gloat over it, drool over it, and the passage of such a bill will have been seen as a signal that their perversions are now acceptable, their fantasies can become realities, and their obsessions are now normal. Congress sent the message, and the response is clearly "Message Received".

And it isn't only in the US. This apparent approval is being heard, and acted on, world wide. Sadistic torture murders are very much on the rise. And now, to my shame, some of them will be legal in the United States.

Other messages have been sent as well. Recently, in Nashville, a woman and an illegal immigrant were convicted of murdering her husband. The immigrant was her sex toy who had been living in a 2 by 8 closet for months. When the husband investigated noises coming from the closet, he jumped out and killed him, probably with the help of the wife. Both have been convicted of murder in the first degree.

What message has the reigning party sent about immigrants, over and over again? They've said very plainly that we should take advantage of illegals, that they are a great resource, and we can use them for things we cannot ask another American to do.

And the response from Nashville was "Message Received".

People, this can't go on. We cannot continue to send such messages as part and parcel of the official policy of the United States, lest our fragile social fabric be torn asunder forever.

The next election will be perhaps the most important of this century, because it represents a chance for America to send a new message, a message clearly stating that we the people find this unacceptable. We cannot continue along these lines, because if we do we fail and fall as a people.

Please, Republicans, Democrats, everyone, send a different message.

It's the most patriotic thing you can do.