Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gen. Clark: It's not WWIII, unless we make it that way.

It's all good stuff, but skip ahead to 20:50 to get to the REALLY juicy stuff. Stuff about Wolfowitz, the five year plan to overthrow seven governments, and the "clash of civilizations" between the U.S. and the one billion Muslims in the world.

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Nate said...

Great start to your blog. I followed a link from my YouTube video, "Fascism is Fun" back to this site and I like it a lot. I'm a huge Wes Clark fan and I'm currently working on the Charlie Brown vs. John Doolittle campaign. The interview of Hugo Chavez was a fascinating read. After Nov's election, I'll have to re-post that one.

Keep up the good work and keep learning how to manage your blog and it will build out beautifully. By the way, your "impeach Bush" banner that stretches across the whole screen is what's causing your side bar to be pushed all the way to the bottom. Should be an easy fix if you want to fix it.

Take it easy and I'll stop in every so often to have a read.

Nate from
Get In Their Face!