Friday, September 23, 2011

9 Reasons I Don't Blog That Much

For as much thought, time, and effort as I try to put into my blog posts, for as much as I try to contribute in a constructive, meaningful way to the larger conversation about the direction of our society, and for as much as I bare my very soul that it may benefit even one person who reads this blog, I've had trouble getting off the ground.

On the other hand, my roommate draws on a chalk board and posts a picture of it online, and it goes viral.

If it sounds like I'm bitter, I'm not. My roommate's awesome. It just occured to me that perhaps this blog could use a bit more humor, and would do well to take itself a little less seriously. The world ain't so bad.

So that's what I'll try to do. I tend to only blog about larger things, probably stemming from my days in the military when I had to maintain a degree of anonymity. But bringing it back down to earth would probably be a net positive.

Oh, and really? You branded my roommate's picture? You didn't take that picture, you pulled it off of BuzzFeed. Come on.

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