Monday, March 31, 2008

Primary battle wearing on you? It's wearing on me. A solution, if I may.

Senator Clinton, Senator Obama:

Stop it. Just... stop it. Right now. This is getting you no where.

Senator Clinton, your kitchen sink strategy has your approval rating at Bush-like numbers.

Senator Obama, attacking Senator Clinton betrays your earlier words about a different kind of politics.

Enough already. Distinctions have been drawn. There's nothing left to talk about, except...

Oh yeah. Senator McCain. Remember him? The presumptive Republican nominee? The one who's going to be the next President of the United States if you keep it up?

Senator Clinton, you said you're going to take your campaign all the way to the convention. Well, that's fine. Really.

Senator Obama, you have the lead in pledged delegates, popular vote, and number of states won. Well, goody on you. That does you absolutely nothing if you lose in November.

Let's talk about a radical concept which would benefit both candidates in the long term: stop campaigning against each other. To the extent which you even mention each other at all on the campaign trail, make it positive. Focus your attention on Senator McCain. Let the primaries play out as they will. Introduce yourselves to constituents in the remaining primary states and talk about what you'll do as President and how you're a better choice than Senator McCain.

Super delegates? Jockey for them all you wish. Just keep it on the down low. Don't attack super delegates who endorse your primary opponent. Congratulate your opponent and move on. There are more important things to talk about.

Keep your surrogates on a leash. No talk of Rev. Wright or Ms. Ferraro. Keep it classy. Pledge to support your opponent no matter who ends up with the nomination. Encourage your supporters to do the same. We should be together, not fighting.

What does this benefit you? Well, Senator McCain will have to fight a two-front war until the Democratic National Convention while you two will be campaigning both for yourselves and for each other. Let's even agree in advance that one of you will be the nominee and the other will return to the Senate. No joint ticket; leave that final element of surprise -- the running mate -- until the convention. Honestly, do either of you want to be reduced to that status? You have more power in the Senate -- period.

How about it? Can I get a witness?


Michael Lujan Bevacqua said...

Amen to that. There are ways that Hillary can continue to be in this race, without it destroying the party, whether she gets rid of the kitchen sink strategy and starts campaigning in a smarter and less destructive way however remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Amen to this post. I believe the best solution that will solidfy all aspects of this political arena is for all candidates to join hand in hand to make this world a better place. Listen to Michael Jackson's song "Heal the World". I also believe that In Every Sunrise there is a Sunset that would continously rise and set just like the candidates. However, it is not a matter of who has more votes it is a matter of finding love and peace amongst all human race in this world of ours. If all candidates just put all their indifferences aside and just right the wave forward they will lead us to a postive direction to a new evolution. PEACE :))))