Thursday, February 28, 2008

Clearly, McCain thinks Obama is the nominee.

Here's a fun exchange between the two without any additional comment from me:


pandora said...

And Obama kicks his @ss!

I love it too that Obama pronounces Pakistan correctly. Noticed that in the debate with Hillary - a small difference - but I noticed.

The Voice said...

Add this vid to your collection.
Cincinnati's Favorite Wingnut Unleashed on McCain.

Posted this over at the Hollicop Forum, where the link will likely disappear due to indifference or insanity. I had thought that there was a danger giving traction to the of Barack smear, but on reflection, I think the risk is minimal. The vid is great spin. There is a little something for everybody here. Dems see wingnuts run amuck. Republicans will conclude that their party has been hijacked by a senile, traitorous liar. Freepers would love to hate this vid - send it to your favorite wingnut.

Found this over at the Buckeye State Blog. Some great citizen journalism practiced at BSB. Check 'em out for the skinny on the ground on The Buckeye. Look for the Mark Penn vid - it's a scream.

I must be off!!

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