Friday, February 08, 2008

I've been remiss on the issue of the storms.

Fortunately, my friend Monkeyfister hasn't.

Kudos to you, MF. And sorry I'm late on this one; I've spent less than a total of a month in CONUS since June of 2006, so the U.S. has become increasingly remote. No excuse, I know, but I'm trying to make amends.

I'll not comment it myself; just click on Monkeyfister's link above and read what he has to say on it. He blogged on the storms while they were raging past his home. Monkeyfister was all over this, and I am rather red-faced for having missed this.

Just a note: both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have links on their front pages seeking donations to help the victims of the storm. The Republican candidates (McCain, Huckabee, and Paul), however, do not.

I'll be leaving this as the top post for a few days, since it's important. If even one of my dozens (TM - Bartcop) of readers decides to click on the link and show the mid-south a little love, it'll be worthwhile.

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