Sunday, February 24, 2008

On a lighter note....

...I have to go over that "to do" list tomorrow. Let's see....

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Anonymous said...

Tired of being "polled" by the neighbors?

They are a tiresome lot anymore.

For the record, I voted "None of the above" on Clinton Crowd Poll. On your poll, CD, there are quite a few assholes out there-none are Obama people.

As for to do lists, my primary came, and when it went, I found myself voting for Barack. I'll take youthful optimism over senior cynicism anyday. Keeps me young and beautiful in my sunset years! It's also helpful to be blind as a bat.

Finally, add a check mark to my to do list. Note that your occasional troll is on the job as promised.

Or was that a threat?


Your Occasional Troll,

The Voice